Choosing a Travel RN Job

Choosing a Travel RN Job

Choosing a travel RN job is a great opportunity for those who are eager to work on the road. Travel RNs will find the lifestyle of living in an RV to be appealing, and it gives them a sense of freedom. However, there are certain factors to consider when deciding on this career option. These factors include the working conditions, the salary, and the job description. You should know all of these factors in order to choose the right travel RN job for you.

Earning potential

The earning potential of a travel nurse varies depending on the state and region of the country in which they work. In general, travel nurse salaries are higher in less-popular states and areas. However, you must consider the cost of living of the area you want to work in when evaluating your earning potential.


Travel nursing is a flexible career option for nurses. The pay can be above average or below average, depending on the specialty. Some of the highest-paying travel nurse positions are in crisis-rate settings, where the need for an RN’s services is immediate. For example, a travel RN could be called upon to arrive on site in 48 hours in the event of a public health emergency. Travel nurses in crisis-rate settings may be required to work around the clock, which can be a disadvantage.

Travel nurse salaries can vary by region and state. The cost of living in a region can affect the salary, and less desirable locations may pay less. States with higher cost of living may offer higher wages for travel nurses. Also, it is important to research the specialty areas with the highest compensation. Travel nurses should aim to practice in the highest-paying areas, as this can help them maximize their incomes.

Another high-paying specialty is oncology nursing. Oncology nurses make an average of $100,800 annually. Telemetry nursing jobs involve the use of high-tech equipment to monitor patients’ condition, progress, and response to treatment. This specialty can pay up to $102,320 per year. Common conditions requiring Telemetry nursing interventions include cardiac surgery, renal failure, neurological problems, sleep disorders, and cancer.

Travel nurses can earn well above the average hourly wage and can even earn more than the median. Travel nursing positions generally involve work assignments all over the country. Their annual income varies, however, based on location, nursing specialty, and details of the assignment. However, the average pay range for travel nurses is around $89,500.

Job description

Travel nurses are nurses who are willing to travel and work at different facilities. These nurses are licensed RNs with two or more years of experience. Their primary duties include working with physicians and collaborating on a plan of care. They are also responsible for creating medical records and responding to patient inquiries. The job requires nurses to be highly skilled and able to adjust to a new environment quickly. They must also have a calm demeanor and excellent clinical skills.

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