Travel Fashion Girl

Travel Fashion Girl

Alexandra Jimenez recently launched the travel gear blog Travel Fashion Girl. On the site, she showcases the most important pieces of fashion and travel accessories, interviews fellow travelers, and answers readers’ questions. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re looking to travel in style. If you’re interested in making your next trip as fashionable as possible, check out her blog today!

Alexandra Jimenez

Alexandra Jimenez is a Spanish actress who has been on the cover of numerous magazines and websites. She is also known as “Travel Fashion Girl” and shares her tips for packing light and traveling lightly. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these tips will help you maximize your space and budget.

Travel Fashion Girl is one of the most popular women’s travel blogs in the world. It has received over one million monthly visitors. Founded by Alexandra Jimenez, this website has become a hit for travelers who want to travel light and have a great time. This travel blog was originally a hobby, but now Alexandra is working on her own line of travel accessories.

Before going on her travels, Alexandra was working as a promotional manager for Verizon Wireless. She decided to travel the world, starting with a safari in Africa. She also traveled to the Middle East, staying in hostels and borrowing money from her mother to finance her travels. Throughout her travels, she took on odd jobs to finance her travels.

Alexandra Jimenez’s experience in the corporate world led her to quit her dream job. Then, the company downsized her position and she was demoted. She then spent three months traveling. Today, she runs the popular travel blog, Travel Fashion Girl. Her website has more than 600,000 monthly visitors.

Compass Rose

Compass Rose is a brand of travel accessories. The company’s founder Alex Ross has been featured on Fox & Friends and several national news outlets. In 2008, Alex left her corporate fashion job and spent a decade traveling full-time. She now uses her talents to launch Compass Rose, a travel accessories brand that is rising fast in the Amazon bestseller list.

Signature Packing Lists

If you are planning to travel internationally, you can take advantage of Travel Fashion Girl’s packing lists. These lists are customizable and arranged by country and city. You can choose exactly what to pack based on your style and needs. And, if you want to save a bit of time, you can download a free packing checklist.

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Alex Jimenez was twenty-six when she launched her first travel website. After years in the fashion industry, she decided to pursue her passion full-time and launched her site, Travel Fashion Girl. It has since grown to seven figures in annual revenue and over a million monthly visitors. To date, her site has helped over 20 million women travel in style.

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