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The Travel Guard plan offers comprehensive medical coverage for unlimited international trips within a 12-month period and can help you avoid financial disaster by covering up to $100,000 and $5000 in medical costs. This plan is available to residents of certain U.S. states up to the age of 94 and includes war risk coverage and travel assistance. It also includes optional war risk coverage. It is a good choice for people who like to travel but aren’t too concerned with the cost of international travel.

Trawick International

Trawick International offers various travel health insurance plans for tourists. These plans cover trip medical care, medical evacuation, and trip cancellation. They also cover COVID-19 and coronavirus. These plans also cover illnesses that occur after the effective date of the policy. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions of each policy to ensure that you understand what is covered.

Trawick is a well-established travel insurance company with years of experience. It offers many plans at a variety of price points. It works with reliable underwriters and is stable and dependable. The company’s most popular travel insurance plan is Safe Travels Voyager, which offers high coverage limits and the option to cancel anytime. It also has a fair price tag. If you travel frequently, you might want to consider purchasing a Trawick travel health insurance plan for your trip.

Trawick International is one of the leading travel insurance companies in the United States. It offers a wide range of travel insurance plans for individuals, families, students, and businesses. In addition to its travel health insurance, the company also offers trip interruption, trip cancellation, and international student insurance plans. Its goal is to provide affordable travel plans for customers.

Trawick International travel health insurance plans cover individuals, groups, and students traveling abroad. The company offers several different plans, and all cover a range of medical emergencies, including evacuation. While the insurance plans offer different amounts of coverage, the main plan, Safe Travels Outbound, provides medical coverage and emergency medical evacuation. It also includes sports equipment protection.

Trawick International also offers a free look period, which allows customers to review the insurance details before committing to any plan. During the ten-day free-look period, customers can cancel their policy if they are not satisfied.


IMG travel health insurance is an excellent option for people who travel on a regular basis. They offer a large variety of medical plans and can accommodate employer sponsored health plans. The company also offers multi-language customer service. One drawback is that IMG doesn’t offer package plans. However, they do have a large pool of international specialists that they can call upon in case of an emergency. In addition, their AD&D maximums are low compared to other insurance companies.

For people who are afraid to get sick or injured when traveling abroad, IMG travel health insurance is a great option. These plans provide comprehensive coverage for emergency medical care and trip cancellation protection. Additionally, IMG travel health insurance allows you to access a single resource for travel assistance, emergency medical care, and more. It can also provide a large number of benefits that will help ensure that you have a positive experience abroad.

The website for IMG travel health insurance international is designed to provide resources for both members and prospective clients. It includes a number of useful resources, including How to Find a Doctor and How to Renew Your Policy. It is important to remember that there are many insurance companies, and it is difficult to gauge their performance after you purchase a policy. However, you can learn about a company’s professionalism and responsiveness from user reviews online.

Founded in 1990, the International Medical Group is one of the world’s leading providers of global healthcare benefits. They have offices and branches in many countries and have plans that can protect travelers from a number of different risks. Since their inception, they have insured millions of travelers, offering an excellent combination of insurance products and outstanding service. IMG offers 24-hour assistance to its clients.


If you want peace of mind while traveling the world, GeoBlue can help. With innovative mobile tools and telemedicine services, their plans offer comprehensive coverage around the world. Plus, GeoBlue’s customer service is unparalleled. Their mission is to help travelers and expatriates get the quality care they deserve.

Faculty and staff traveling internationally on behalf of the University are required to have insurance. They can complete an application through the University’s risk management staff. Once the application has been reviewed and approved by risk management personnel, the enrollment will be processed. Faculty and staff can also purchase coverage for their dependents through GeoBlue.

The GeoBlue Navigator plan offers coverage for those who are traveling for short-term, multi-trip, or long-term international trips. The company has a worldwide network of physicians and hospitals that provide service to travelers. The company also offers a plan for those who are living overseas for a long period of time.

Washington University provides GeoBlue international health insurance coverage for its faculty and staff members, as well as for students enrolled in its study abroad program. Undergraduate students enrolled in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Olin Business School, and Arts & Sciences programs are automatically rostered into a GeoBlue Student policy. These insurance policies are valid for as long as the students are away from campus for study or research.

GeoBlue provides top-rated service and quality plans for those traveling around the world. Members can find carefully selected doctors and hospitals in over 190 countries. They can also travel confidently knowing that a global health coordinator will help schedule appointments. GeoBlue also offers long-term plans for those who live abroad for more than six months. Missionaries, sailors, and yacht crew can also benefit from GeoBlue’s specialty plans.

Trawick America Platinum

Trawick is one of the top travel health insurance companies in the world. Founded in 1998, this international company offers travel insurance for individuals, corporations, and global employers. Its coverage includes emergency medical evacuation, prescription drugs, and repatriation for travelers in need. It also offers travel interruption, trip cancellation, and delay insurance, and coverage for natural disasters and lost baggage.

Trawick offers travel health plans for individuals and groups, as well as international students studying abroad. Its Trawick SafeTreker plan offers coverage for extreme travelers, such as athletes and those involved in dangerous sports. It can also be used as a primary travel health plan. In case of emergency, the company provides emergency assistance around the clock.

Voyager Choice is a travel medical plan for individuals with pre-existing conditions. The company requires that the individual has a primary U.S. health plan to qualify. This plan provides up to $50,000 coverage and allows travelers to customize their plan. Travelers can also choose their deductible amount and maximum limit of coverage (from zero to $2,500). It also covers emergency medical expenses for trips up to 180 days.

The HTH Travel Insurance website provides a comparison of three levels of coverage and service for travelers. You can also get an online quote for the policy. This company is not rated by the Better Business Bureau but is a member of the U.S. Travel Insurance Association and has signed the USTIA Code of Ethics.

IMG Patriot Platinum

IMG Global travel health insurance offers a variety of plans designed for non-US citizens traveling abroad. Their Patriot Platinum travel health insurance international plan provides travelers with peace of mind when they’re on the road. Most domestic insurance plans don’t offer the coverage necessary for international travel. If you’re a student traveling abroad for school, this plan can help you avoid costly medical bills.

The Patriot Platinum plan includes a range of deductibles and maximums, Global Concierge Service, and assistance services. It also covers emergency medical evacuation up to a maximum benefit amount. It pays coinsurance for in-network and out-of-network treatment for pre-existing conditions. Those under the age of 70 can enjoy 100% coverage. In-network and out-of-network emergency care coordination are also included.

If you want to customize your benefits, GMI offers four unique benefit plans. Each offer different specialized coverage and flexible underwriting. They also let you choose a deductible and payment method that fits your financial situation. If you’re planning a trip outside of the USA, GMI’s Patriot Platinum travel health insurance international plan may be the best choice for you.

Patriot Platinum travel health insurance international provides excellent travel medical coverage with high limits. The plan covers emergency medical services, out-patient care, and emergency evacuation and includes coverage for up to 36 months. You can renew your coverage online or by mailing in a paper application. However, you should know that your policy is subject to change and may not meet your needs.

Patriot Platinum travel health insurance international is a comprehensive medical insurance plan that provides up to $8 million in medical benefits to U.S. citizens traveling abroad. It also includes Global Concierge & Assistance ServicesSM. The plan also includes first-class coverage that lasts between five and three years.

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