Travel Hacks to Maximize Your Miles

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When it comes to traveling, there are many ways to maximize your miles. Credit card sign-up bonuses are one way to make more miles. Other strategies include using Extension cables and Smart TVs. Using the Internet to make purchases also earns rewards. You can also stack these strategies together to earn even more miles.

Credit card sign-up bonuses

Credit card sign-up bonuses are a great way to save money on travel. You can redeem them in a variety of ways, and you can earn points on your purchases. To find these opportunities, you need to use the internet. You can also visit subreddits to find information on these offers.

Sign-up bonuses are incentives provided by credit card issuers to entice new users. They hope the new customers will continue using their card and spend enough to earn the bonus. Often, these bonuses offer X number of points or miles after spending a certain amount in the first few months. For example, United Airlines gives you 60,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 on the card in the first three months. However, you must have an account with United MileagePlus to receive these miles. Chase also offers a similar deal, offering 50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points after spending $4,000 in the first three months.

Another way to cash in on credit card sign-up bonuses is by using them to buy airline tickets. With frequent flyer miles, you can buy tickets at discounted prices or even get flights for free. You can also use the points to book hotel rooms and rental cars.

Extension cables

Extension cables can be helpful when you need to charge your electronic devices. If you’re going on a long trip or to a hostel, it’s useful to bring along a power strip and an extension cable. These will help you save money and time. You can also plug in your USB devices with an extension cord.

One of the best travel hacks is to use a cheap brown extension cord as a power bank. It can turn one foreign power converter into three, giving your chargers a much-needed extra distance. You can use a three-prong converter with an extension cord, and it won’t cause a problem. To make sure your cords will work well, measure the length of each piece before you buy.

One Twitter user shared a travel hack with her followers: instead of taking dozens of adaptors for every country you visit, Sasha merely packs an extension cord. Her simple travel hack was confirmed by many of the other Twitter users.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs can collect data about you without your knowledge, and you can limit the collection of this information by turning off their cameras and microphones. However, this may mean losing some functionality, so it is important to read the privacy policies of the TV manufacturers. You should also check whether your television manufacturer has security patches.

Smart TVs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as web browsing, sharing files, and gaming. But, as with any technological device, smart TVs are susceptible to hackers unless they follow strict security protocols. This is because they contain webcams, which could be used by malicious actors to watch you, take pictures, or record your video or audio.

Smart TVs use the same connection as your computer to access the internet. They can connect to either an Ethernet or a Wi-Fi network. Ethernet is a better choice because it offers a more stable connection. However, Wi-Fi may be more convenient for a television in a different room. Once connected, smart TVs display an on-screen menu of available internet channels. Users can browse and watch content on the television using apps similar to those found on their smartphones. Some apps are preloaded while others can be downloaded from the internet.


Travel hacking apps help you save money and simplify your planning. Some apps are free, and some charge. One, Wander, suggests destinations based on your budget. Another, Tripit, finds deals on hotels and tickets to events, and can even find coupons for local attractions. These are just some of the apps that can help you save money on your next trip.

Another useful travel hacking app is TripHackr, which is available for free. This app can help you earn points on flights without spending a dime. It also helps you keep track of your travel rewards and points. This way, you can get a free flight on your next trip!

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