Travel Nurse Across America

Travel Nurse Across America

If you are interested in travel nursing, there are several great opportunities to choose from. These opportunities offer excellent pay, flexibility, and locations. The staff at Travel Nurse Across America is dedicated to helping their clients find the perfect travel nursing job. They provide exceptional customer service and understand the stress of nursing on the road.


Traveling nurses should be aware of how much they are being paid. A number of agencies include overtime bonuses in their pay packages. In addition, many companies pay taxable base rates for overtime hours. Travel nurse agencies must provide information about this. TNAA makes sure their employees understand their compensation packages so that they can make informed decisions.

There are several benefits to becoming a travel nurse. Depending on your specialization, you can earn a competitive salary with a variety of companies. Aya Healthcare offers 401(k) plans with employer matches and other benefits. The company also offers a comprehensive medical plan that includes coverage for dependents. Furthermore, the agency covers expenses such as travel, license renewal, certifications, and continuing education.

Many travel nurse agencies also offer referral bonuses. These bonuses are paid after a nurse completes an assignment with the agency. These bonuses can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. In addition, many of the agencies offer free housing for their nurses. This may include housing for long-term assignments or an apartment in their primary city.

The annual salary for a Travel Nurse Across America employee can vary depending on location and function. Travel nurse Across America employees in Tacoma, WA earn an average salary of $116,288. However, employees in Washington, DC earn an average of $105,256. This means that the salary range for a Travel Nurse Across America job depends on your experience and the type of assignment.

Travel nursing offers a unique experience and excellent pay. It is a growing field and is expected to grow in the future. As a result, there is a high demand for nurses across the country. Travel nursing allows RNs to work in multiple locations at a time while experiencing a new part of the country.


One of the best things about being a travel nurse is that you can choose the location and the work that you love best. This career path allows nurses to work on a variety of healthcare facilities, from the most specialized to the most general. This kind of flexibility is a must across nursing specialties and jobs, and it is something that employers look for in their employees.

Most travel nurse companies will pay their nurses by the hour, but some will pay on a daily basis, which may be more lucrative. You can also work double shifts to make up for days when you’re off. Another advantage of working as a travel nurse is that you can keep more than one nursing license. This will help you find more assignments and get better pay.

Another perk of being a travel nurse is that you can set your own schedule. Most travel nursing assignments last three months, and you choose the start and end dates. This allows you to visit friends and family in between contracts. You can even choose to work in different states! However, it’s important to remember that your assignments may not always be in your home state.

Another benefit of working as a travel nurse is that you can maintain your personal and professional goals while working. You can schedule your assignments based on your personal needs and preferences. This flexibility can help you pursue your career without worrying about office politics and gossip. You can also choose to work in prestigious locations. This can look great on your resume and increase your chances of a permanent position.

A travel nursing career also offers great financial benefits. You’ll be able to enjoy your free time while earning a high salary. Travel nursing is also ideal for nurses who want to see the country. Moreover, you’ll be able to network with the locals and discover places that are off the beaten path.


Travel nurses can choose from a wide variety of specializations, which allow them to experience a variety of medical environments. A typical travel nursing contract is for several days, weeks, or months, but can be longer if necessary. Depending on the location and type of assignment, travel nursing contracts can last from eight to 26 weeks. Those who find temporary assignments enjoyable may choose to stay in these positions for longer periods, and can also benefit from flexible working hours.

Travel nursing has become a popular career path, and its demand is expected to continue to increase. With a shortage of qualified nurses in the U.S., the profession is expected to grow by 16% through 2024. In addition, travel nursing allows nurses to take on assignments in different states and even abroad. This is a good opportunity to build a diverse resume while gaining valuable experience.

Travel nurses are often specialized in specific areas, such as oncology or emergency care. Oncology nurses work with patients with various cancer treatments and are often required to become educated in specific drug regimens and treatment methods. Oncology travel nurses are usually required to have at least one year of nursing experience to gain employment in this area.

Travel nurses can also be assigned to work in intensive care units. These nurses must pass the NCLEX-RN and have a license in their state of practice. Travel nurses who specialize in ICU must also have certification in BLS/CPR and ACLS. The salary of travel nurses varies, and travel nurses are often required to complete continuing education and training requirements for their nursing license.

Travel nurses with medical-surgical experience are often the most sought-after in the RN travel industry. Med-surg nurses must have excellent clinical knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a calm temperament under pressure.


If you’re interested in a new career, a travel nursing job might be the ideal option for you. Travel nursing is a flexible and rewarding job that will allow you to work from anywhere in the United States. You’ll be able to choose from several specialization options as well as a range of benefits. These benefits include competitive pay and medical coverage, as well as generous paid time off.

The average annual salary for a travel nurse in Pennsylvania is $108,910, and the opportunities are plentiful. The major employers of travel nurses in the state are hospitals and medical centers located in Pittsburgh and urban areas. Other potential employers include general surgery and trauma centers. Additionally, there are opportunities at the Hershey Chocolate Company.

Most travel nursing companies offer bonuses. These bonuses can include sign-on bonuses, completion bonuses, and retention bonuses. These bonuses encourage the travel nurse to stay with the company. Some agencies also provide free housing. This may include housing during long-term assignments, or an apartment in the city where the nurse’s primary residence is located.

One company that has an impressive Glassdoor rating is Triage Staffing, a company that employs between 51 and 200 people in Omaha, Nebraska. The company specializes in 13-week assignments throughout the U.S., and it offers direct deposit pay and benefits. Employees can take advantage of health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, dental insurance, and 401(k) plans.

Another company that offers paid sick leave is Aya Healthcare. This travel nursing agency also has a 24/7 support center and allows their travel nurses to choose the kind of adventure that suits their lifestyle and interests.

Agency culture

Travel nurses are a growing resource for hospitals, and they are a popular way to fill staffing gaps while still providing quality patient care. While this type of nursing job can be exciting and rewarding for registered nurses, it also has its challenges. To examine the challenges and benefits of travel nursing, this study used interviews conducted with travel nurses.

United Staffing Solutions is a high-scoring travel nursing agency. It has an excellent reputation for placing top-tier nurses, with employees reporting excellent support and pay. Other benefits include excellent company culture and ethical handling of payroll. The company is also known for its dedication to fostering a sense of camaraderie and growth within its organization. Travel nurses tend to do well with this agency because the company offers excellent pay and great patient service.

As a nurse, you are a valuable member of a team. Providing a collaborative, welcoming environment can help you build a successful practice and help meet the needs of your patients. Travel nursing assignments are usually temporary, and the length depends on the staffing agency and the facility.

The agency culture for travel nurses across America is built on respect, family, and doing the right thing. The company puts its employees first, and takes great pride in the work they do. This culture is also reflected in the compensation package, including health insurance and generous paid time off. This makes the work environment a rewarding one, and it allows you to enjoy a more flexible schedule.

Travel nurses need to be able to learn and adapt quickly to new environments. Their job requires them to adapt to different practices and technologies in a new healthcare setting. Travel nurses also need to be adaptable, as their roles and responsibilities may vary from one location to the next.

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