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Travel Ruby’s resume is packed with experience. She’s worked on cruise ships, organized events, and lived in several cities. She’s also held jobs in the automotive, pharmaceutical, legal, medical, and technology industries. She’s also worked in the retail industry. But, most notably, she loves to travel.

Sandal Ruby is a talismanic ruby

Sandal Ruby is a travel spray that contains a powerful and enchanting fragrance. It comes in a sleek, monogrammed case that is easy to slip into a pocket, purse, or carry-on bag. Inspired by the queen of gemstones, this fragrance is infused with the passion, vitality, and beauty of the ruby. Tuberose petals and luscious spices give it a heavenly scent.

Sandal Ruby is a fragrance from the luxury perfumer Carolina Herrera. This Oriental Floral fragrance features black pepper and cinnamon as top notes. Its middle notes are geranium, tuberose, and patchouli. The fragrance lasts long on the skin.

Sandal Ruby is a talismanic fragrance

Inspired by the tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery, Sandal Ruby is a floral-woody fragrance with a touch of spice. The talismanic fragrance features rich spices and a heart of jasmine and tuberose. The base is woody and ambery, giving the fragrance a magical aura.

Carolina Herrera has launched a new fragrance inspired by rubies, Sandal Ruby. This elegant scent captures the intense aura of true passion. It is a talismanic fragrance for women who love the color red. The evocative scent is a classic and elegant addition to any perfumery collection. The new perfume is available in various sizes and scents. If you are looking for a romantic fragrance for yourself, Sandal Ruby is the fragrance for you.

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