Travel Urinal – The Convenient Way to Relieve Yourself

Travel Urinal - The Convenient Way to Relieve Yourself

A travel urinal is a convenient, discreet, dignified way to relieve yourself, whether you’re stuck in traffic, bedridden, or simply out and about. They’re designed to be easy to use seated or standing, making them a great choice when you’re far from a public restroom.

Disposable urinal

TRAVELJOHN disposable travel urinals are an excellent choice for travelers on the go. They are convenient and unisex, and contain Liqsorb, a biodegradable polymer substance that absorbs liquid waste and immobilizes bacterial growth. The waste is quickly absorbed and turns into an odorless gel bag for safe disposal.

A 2000ml Urinary Bag is perfect for travelers who can’t walk, need to relieve themselves while sleeping, or just don’t want to deal with public restrooms while traveling. Its design makes it easy to carry and is completely disposable. Users can use it standing or sitting. A box contains three urinals, and some suppliers distribute nationally.

The TravelJohn disposable travel urinal is available in unisex, women’s and children’s versions. It has a spill-proof inner pouch made of Liqsorb, which immobilizes bacterial growth and absorbs liquid waste. This leak-proof, odorless gel is safe to dispose of in any trash can. It’s convenient and ideal for traveling on a plane, car, or outdoor activities.

Female travel urinal

A female travel urinal is a convenient, portable way for women to relieve themselves without having to worry about public restrooms. The lightweight design and graduated graduation marks allow you to measure the amount of fluid that you need. Its built-in handle makes it easy to carry and use. It’s also ideal for outdoorsy women who need to relieve themselves on the go.

There are many types of these devices available, and they cater to different needs. Some are specifically designed for female users and others are unisex. These devices are convenient for women of all ages, and they allow them to urinate discreetly without the need to undress. They are also reusable and don’t splash or flow back.

A female travel urinal should be lightweight and comfortable to hold. It should also be easy to empty and clean with soap. Some of the female urinal brands have graduation marks on the side so you can see when it is full. The larger models are recommended for women who frequently visit the restroom, while the smaller models are better for people who need help.

Handheld urinal

Handheld urinals are a must-have item for travel and camping. They are made to be lightweight and durable, making them perfect for outdoor use. This travel-friendly toilet is made of biodegradable polymer, which absorbs liquid waste and turns it into a spill-proof, odorless gel after use. They can be easily disposed of once finished, and can be used by both men and women. They come with a convenient adapter, which allows you to sit or stand while using them. Besides, the hand-held urinal is equipped with tissue and alcohol wipes, which make it easy to clean after use.

The Stadium Pal portable urinal is a good option for men who are recovering from prostate surgery, or who need to relieve themselves often. Its leak-proof external catheter and odor-barrier pouch film allow men to relieve themselves in private. This product is also safer and more convenient than adult diapers. In addition, it can eliminate the need to use crowded public restrooms. The Stadium Pal is also discreet, so you can use it on almost any occasion.

Portable potty

A portable urinal is essential when you’re on the go. A Travel John Disposable Urinal is an excellent option, ideal for men and women, and is designed with mobility in mind. Its compact design and unique, spill-proof gel formula help prevent backflow and makes the product safe to throw away. It can hold up to 28 fl oz., and comes in a pack of three.

Another type of portable urinal is a female urine funnel. This device is designed to enable women to pee when standing, which can be a great convenience when travelling, camping, or attending a festival. It also helps women collect a urine sample for their GP if needed.

This travel urinal is easy to carry and is made from food silicone, making it hygienic for both men and women. It can be easily stored in a handbag, purse, or even in a car’s glove box. It can even be carried around by one person, without leaking or staining clothing.

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