Travelpro Suitcase Review

Travelpro Suitcase Review

The Travelpro suitcase is built to last for years. It has a lifetime warranty and features built-in wheels. It can also double as a cabin backpack. It’s durable and comes with a warranty, but it won’t cover cosmetic wear or stair damage. The company also offers repair centers.


If you’re traveling, you’ll want a durable Travelpro suitcase. Most of their models have built-in luggage tags, which are hard to break off. They also have TSA-approved locks for safe access to your bag. Whether you’re traveling by air or by car, you’ll want to invest in a durable travelpro suitcase.

TravelPro’s Elite Platinum collection features luggage made from ultra-durable nylon. This fabric is also water-repellent, so your bags are protected even in wet conditions. There’s also a built-in suiter that prevents wrinkles in your clothes, and a tie-down system to secure your belongings.

A durable Travelpro suitcase is also very affordable. You can get one for as little as 120 dollars. These cases have a number of useful features like TSA locks, suiter compartments, and USB charging ports. However, they don’t have the most exciting looks. If you’re looking for a colorful suitcase, you’d be better off looking at other brands.

Another great feature of Travelpro luggage is their warranty. The company backs up their products with a lifetime guarantee and covers the costs of airline damage repairs. This is a good option for frequent travelers looking for medium-class luggage that will last for years. There are a variety of different sizes and types, and they all offer great durability and good features.

The DuraGuard fabric on Travelpro’s cases is very protective. It keeps the inside of the case from becoming wet even if it rains lightly. It also looks professional. There are four color options available. The case comes with an adjustable telescopic handle. This makes it easier to carry when traveling.

If you need a durable carry-on suitcase, consider the Travelpro Crew Versapack. It is currently the best carry-on available from Travelpro. It may not be the cheapest, but it is durable and comes with a ton of bells and whistles. It is also priced about half of what you’d expect to pay for a carry-on.

The Maxlite 5 Softside Lightweight Suitcase is another great option from Travelpro. With two equal compartments and two pockets, this lightweight suitcase makes it easy to store all your clothing and toiletries. In addition, this model comes with a water-resistant pocket for dirty clothes. The Maxlite 5 Softside Lightweight Suitcase has high-performance ball-bearing wheels and water-resistant polyester fabric. It is also expandable, up to two inches.

Inline wheels are built into the main frame

When you travel, your luggage should help you get where you’re going. But, the problem with traditional trunks and suitcases is that they weigh a lot, making it difficult to carry them around. Bob Plath, founder of Travelpro, came up with a solution for this problem. He created Rollaboard(r) luggage that makes it easier to transport your bags on airplanes. At first, he designed it for airline crewmembers, but the demand for the suitcase exploded once passengers saw how it rolled.

Can be used as a cabin backpack

Travelpro offers several models of luggage. Its Platinum Elite and slim International models have more capacity but lack the suiter insert. Whether you’re traveling on a plane or just for a weekend getaway, this bag will come in handy. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Comes with a lifetime warranty

If something should ever go wrong with your Travel pro luggage, you can take advantage of the company’s lifetime warranty. If you own a defective piece of luggage, you can ship it for free to a repair center or have it replaced. However, this warranty does not cover any damage to the cosmetics of the bag, such as stair damage, and it does not cover cleaning.

The warranty only covers the original purchaser of your Travel pro suitcase, and not anyone else. If you give a gift, it does not carry on a lifetime warranty. In order to qualify for this warranty, you must provide proof of purchase. To prove you purchased the item, you may want to register it with the Travelpro company. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or by a common carrier.

The exterior and interior of your Travel pro case are designed with durable materials to protect your belongings. Ballistic nylon is the most durable fabric available, and is coated with a water repellent finish called DuraGuard. Although this material does not make a case waterproof, it increases its abrasion resistance.

The warranty offered by Travel pro is very beneficial to travelers. It covers material and manufacturing defects. If something does go wrong, the company will repair it or replace it, at no charge. This warranty can save you a bundle over the years. Even if it is only for a lifetime, it is still a great deal over buying a luggage without warranty.

Travelpro is a company that puts a lot of emphasis on quality and durability. They undergo extensive tests before launching their products. This ensures that your suitcase won’t break too easily. During this process, their engineers jerk the case for hours, simulating rolling over uneven terrains.

When purchasing a Travel pro suitcase, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected by a lifetime warranty. While not all Travelpro bags are made equally, many are crafted to last for decades. Some are too large for some airlines.

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